Luxury Breastfeeding Covers from Infinite Mommy

Infinite Mommy are the designers of award winning luxury breastfeeding covers for mothers who like to look great and feel comfortable. Make every outing and family visit a relaxing experience with our range of exquisite luxury breastfeeding covers.

Those public outings can be that little bit easier with an Infinite Mommy cover. Our beautiful colours and fabrics are both stylish and attractive. They are designed to be soft enough for gentle skin and encourage closeness between you and your baby. Infinite Mommy know that this time together is so short that being this close can help grow your bond a little more each day.

Our award winning luxury breastfeeding covers are handcrafted form the finest imported organic cotton and leather by passionate craftswomen and men in Scotland.

Designed by a mother for you

Infinite Mommy luxury breastfeeding covers are designed with you in mind. Perfect for those days you want to go out for a walk, for lunch, or to an event and want to breastfeed subtly in public with confidence.

We’ve researched the world-over for high-quality, stylish, organic cotton, and included plenty of unexpected features. You’ll wonder how you managed without it.

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Confidence in motherhood

We know that for some time there has been a sense of shame attached to the whole process for breastfeeding mothers in public, however times are changing and although breastfeeding is still very much a personal choice, a poll by Start4Life shows around 72% of people support public breastfeeding.

Our Infinite Mommy luxury breastfeeding covers will blend in with any wardrobe rather than attract attention while out and about. New mommies who have tried to pull a cover over their head will appreciate no more messy hair. Simply slip the strap over your shoulder and clip your new cover into a comfortable position for you.

You’ll find the two outer asymmetrically designed pockets are handy for keeping breast pads, muslins or any other desired items concealed and near when you need them. The extended seam with dual-reinforce neckline allows you to keep baby tucked close your skin and lets baby see you while feeding. The dual arch creates more space for baby under the cover so you can take a peek anytime. Your cover is delicate for baby and reinforced for long-lasting wear.

Check out our beautiful designs in the Infinite Mommy shop, or for more information send us an enquiry.


“I was so anxious to breastfeed in public. Since receiving this breastfeeding cover, my breastfeeding experience has been revolutionised!

Weronika, Multicultural Motherhood

So special to receive one of your breastfeeding covers. It fits perfectly and the material is very soft and beautiful. Not to mention all the lovely packaging too!!!”

Michelle – Reading

As well as allowing you to comfortably breastfeed, the cover is such a sleek and stylish design… I love it!

Rebecca – The Coastal Mummy

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Our Awards

Recognised throughout 2020 and now in 2021 for multiple awards, Infinite Mommy is proud to be seen as an industry leader with awards such as SILVER award for Breastfeeding Cover in ‘Made For Mums Awards 2021’, ‘Best Luxury Breastfeeding Covers Provider’ and ‘Leading Provider of Organic Cotton Breastfeeding Covers’ to name a few.