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How I gained my confidence to breastfeed in public

As a mother learning to breastfeed in public, nothing gives me more joy then looking down at my baby’s face and seeing the dribble of breast milk run down her cheek.

How to push through the early days of breastfeeding

I’m not trying to make any formula feeding mum’s feel bad. Instead as a first time mum who was determined to breastfeed and successfully breastfeed in public, I am celebrating the tiny victories.

Honestly I can say, I had days that I would force myself to get out of bed. It was a struggle to make myself get dressed because the multiple midnight feeds where turning me into a mumbie.

I had days were I would sit staring at breastfeeding tracker apps for hours. I would have to try to keep track of the time between feeds and then try to remember which breast she fed from last.

There would be times that I would not be able to move from the sofa, for fear of waking a blissfully breastfed baby.

When loved ones (bless my good hearted mum) would encouragingly ask if I was producing enough milk. I would persist with breastfeeding and even started expressing to encourage milk production.

When loved ones (my mum again) would suggest taking a bottle of formula along on trips to the shops just in case. I was determined to stick to my plan to just get on with it and breastfeed in public.

I know how going out in public and having the confidence to breastfeed your baby in front of strangers is daunting. It’s not always as easy as it looks. For this reason I use a breastfeeding cover.

Why my supermum cloak gives me confidence

It’s not that I wanted my child to spend the first months of her life eating under a cover. It’s not that I’m ashamed to breastfeed in public, but because the thought of accidentally flashing anyone while trying to get my baby to latch on stressed me out.

I salute the mum’s who effortlessly feed their babies in public without even thinking twice to cover up. I think you’re bold and courageous, and would give anything to bottle your confidence up and spread it to all the mum’s who feel just like I do.

For me, my breastfeeding cover gives me courage. It’s like a supermum cloak. Feeding with it on I feel empowered, comfortable and confident enough to sit anywhere to feed.

To any new mum or experienced mum’s who are new to breastfeeding. Don’t let the thought of going out in public hinder you from breastfeeding your precious baby.

With the help of google there are solutions out there if you feel uncomfortable at the thought of breastfeeding in public.

Online there are infinity scarves and specially designed breastfeeding tops. If you prefer there are covers or aprons that come in a variety of sizes, shapes and patterns.

Why choose an Infinite Mommy cover?

Personally I like the breastfeeding cover. I love how light and airy the organic cotton is. The fabric feels soft on my babies skin and is so light it doesn’t smother her.

My cover is large enough to keep the necessary bits covered. The neckline has a dual rigid boned arch with a luxury leather strap that is removable and adjustable.

Breastfeeding cover leather strap

Welcome to the Heart of Breastfeeding

My cover has helped me learn to relax into the task of breastfeeding. The value of being able to gain my confidence to breastfeed in public is infinite. I would love for other mum’s to ease into motherhood with confidence too.

2 thoughts on “How I gained my confidence to breastfeed in public

  1. You wrote very well in this post so that people easily understand. Thank you wholeheartedly for this post.

    1. It’s a pleasure feather Hug, breastfeeding confidence is a subject very close to me heart and I would love to help empower mothers like me to gain their breastfeeding confidence too.

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