Encouragement Breastfeeding Cards


A pack of 39 beautiful floral cards designed for breastfeeding mother’s by a breastfeeding mother.
Every pack of cards is compiled of 4 themes which are specially designed to give breastfeeding mothers the lift and support they need during the early days of their breastfeeding journey.

The themes include:

  • Fabulous Facts – facts about breastfeeding and breastmilk to ease your weary minds.
  • Other Mothers Words – words of encouragement or advice from mother’s who have been through their baby’s
  • Breastfeeding Milestones – celebrate how far you’ve come with breastfeeding your baby, whether it’s 1 week or 1 month every milestone is a victory.
  • Self Care – these cards are ideal for snapping a photo of and sending to a partner, family or friend, even your health visitor asking them to hold the baby while you take a much needed breather.

These packs of cards make brilliant baby shower or new mum gifts and fit conveniently into a nappy bag or handbag. They can also be a useful conversation starter during breastfeeding groups.

Each pack of cards is 85mm x 105mm in size and made from eco-friendly 100% recyclable cardboard and vegetable based ink.

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